Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ipsy August Drama

August 6th 2013: Sneak Peak number 5 was just released. We finally get to see the bag, minus the theme. I could care less about the theme, but of course that is what we're currently bitching about. I think the bag looks cute, but I'm a little miffed that it is glitter-less. Maybe they got the memo about the Glitter-potomus.
Stolen from Ipsy Facebook Page
August 5th 2013: Sneak Peek number 4 was just released. You will get 2 of these lovely items and of course, everybody is bitching about that. Why, you ask? Well, my beautiful friend, these items are repeats from previous bags. I myself have that Nailtini polish and personally, if it isn't OPI don't bring it near me. However, I am a hypocrite and will wear other, lesser brands. Ladies, let's break this down...months prior there was bitching because you may have wanted the Nailtini polish and received something else. Ipsy just promised that we would not receive a repeat item in our, now is your chance to get what you may have missed, and publically complained about to all of the internet world last month. It's clear to see that bitching is just some people's sole reason for living. But, really...I hope I don't get another nail polish.

Stolen from Ipsy Facebook Page
 August 2nd 2013: Sneak Peek number 3 is Pixie Lash Booster Mascara. So far this bag looks extremely promising. Pixie is a phenomenal beauty company and one I very much trust. Complaints according to Facebook are mostly about which color one is to receive. Personally, I hope I get something wild...because, I will rock anything.

Stolen from Ipsy Facebook Page

8/1/13 Happy 1st day of August...Sneek Peak number 2 is in. It's another either/or product, which everybody loves. On board we have: Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask and the JoJoba Charcoal Facial Scrub. Ok, I know you didn't come here to find out what you already knew, instead, you came to bitch. Possible complaints are as follow: "I don't need a facial scrub," "Products like this make my skin break out more!" "PUMPKIN...Pumpkin makes me want to die a thousand deaths." "I don't like the packaging!" Yeah, we get it. My MAIN concern here is the possibility that we are getting a glitter makeup bag. Complaints on that are as follow: "I hope the glitter doesn't fall off, because it will get into my eyes and cause me to go blind." "Glitter? Are we 13...maybe?" What upsets me the most about a possible glitter bag is actually where the glitter came from. The "Glitter-potomus," is a very beautiful and endangered species. We only have a few left in the world and for Ipsy to be so bold as to harvest the "Glitter-potomus" for it's beautiful shine, is beyond me. Happy August...well not anymore.

Photo: AUGUST GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2: Skin perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items!
Stolen from Ipsy Facebook page.
You see all that GLITTER?
7/31/13 Ipsy released a spoiler of their first product and it's an either/or product. Urban Decay Lipstick OR Noya Chap Stick. I love me some Urban Decay...but head over to the Ipsy Facebook Page and you can clearly see it's like WW3. Urban Decay Lipstick is 22 dollars a tube and Noya Chap Stick is 4 dollars a stick. Obviously, this isn't fair...unless you're bad at math, than you'll be happy with either one.

Stolen from Ipsy Facebook Page