Saturday, April 18, 2015

Popsugar Must Have: April 2015

For each product you will see my own opinion and underneath that you will see "Reasons to Bitch." Reasons to Bitch is all inspired from what others are bitching about on message boards.

April Inspiration: Spring, Simplicity, Markets, Outdoors

Produce Candles: Rhubarb Spring: For as good as this candle smelled unlit, one would think that it'd be even better lit. It didn't, in case you were unsure of where I was going with this. It lasts awhile, considering I have been burning it all day and I'm only a third of the down. I like it. It's a candle. Yay, candle?

Reasons to Bitch:

  • "My mom doesn't let me play with I guess I'll use it as a paper weight."
  • "Oh, am I the only one with electricity? Yeah, I don't need a candle." 

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum: Love this. Gardenia is always overly-powerful, but infused with tea, it's amazing. This "serum" leaves freshly shaved skin, soft and dewy...not Kim Kardashian, naked in an expensive dress dewy, but...more of a refreshingly, hydrated way.

Reasons to Bitch:

  • "Gardenia reminds me of old people. Gross."
  • "I'm a hard-care I don't shave my legs...or mustache."

Dabney Lee Umbrella: Yay, umbrella! I don't understand why someone would go outside if it's raining, but say they do...because they need, well I'll never need anything enough to go out in the rain, but they urgently need...something, then this is the perfect umbrella! The umbrella is navy blue with white polka dots and a pink handle, so we know that it's for a girl. Yay, again. I like when things are pink, so I know it's for me.

Reasons to Bitch:

  • "I live in a desert and it never rains here. Thanks for sending something SO regionally specific."
  • "I accidentally opened this up inside and now I have bad luck...FML."

Garden in a Bag: Organic Basal: I can hardly keep a cactus alive, so this will be a challenge. I also do not know what Basal is used for. This whole Garden is a Bag is more of an epic project, but I'll try it. I just never wanted to be so self-sufficient where I can grow and eat my own food.

Reasons to Bitch:

  • "The only thing I know how to grow is weed."
  • "If this counts as the 'food item' in the box...I'm heavily disappointed." 

Flip + Tumble Reusable Bag: I never understood those environmentally-conscious people who bring their own bags places. I have to even them out by throwing garbage out of my car window. #joke. I love this bag...I know I'll never have it at the right time, but there is something so comforting knowing that I have a bag out there...somewhere...waiting to be filled.

Reasons to Bitch:

  • "It's so wrinkly when unfolded and that makes me feel uneasy."
  • "I can't find it, because it's just too compact."
Overall, this box is the very opposite of myself, however, it is all very practical. I like it, I'll use it and I'm satisfied. 

Grade: B+ ....because it didn't come with Granola.