Thursday, August 1, 2013

“Grateful” vs. “Hateful”

Grateful Subscribers: These are the type of women who take extreme offense when others verbally attack a company and criticize what products they will be receiving. Grateful Subscribers often tell the Hateful Subscibers to “Stop complaining and just be thankful. Many others, potentially thousands are dying to get off the wait list, at least you can be is appreciative.”

Hateful Subscribers: These are the type of women that hate, criticize and attack everything. They relentlessly and tirelessly find new and nasty ways to insult a product, company and others. Most of the hating in done based on spoilers alone. Hateful Subscribers often resort to the “Ever heard of freedom of speech, and “DON’T you DARE tell me how to spend my ten dollars! If I want to throw a publically displayed, bitch-fit, that’s MY prerogative.”  

Now, ladies, ladies and possible gentleman…let’s focus group this bitch. First off, I’d like to thank you for filling some of my free-time with your catty-chit-chat.  It is quite amusing and amazing blog inspiration. I do have the answer though…one we can all agree on. Grateful Subscribers, shut up. Hateful Subscribers, shut up. There, now we’re all unhappy.

Lesson: If you don’t have anything nice to say (again, your freedom to still be a biznitch) then don’t say anything at all.