Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Message Board Meanies

I like to lurk in the shadows of message boards instead of actively participating in the thread. My reason for doing so is the simple fact that I am looking for information and not a petty dispute with some bitch with internet balls.

Message boards are like the mean-girl clique in high school. You can easily identify your "key players," and all the others are sheep. It wasn't until years later, that I myself was actually referred to as a mean girl. It's with this experience that I am able to see and appreciate both sides of the spectrum and go forth to create a blog such as this.

Continuing on, message boards are a breeding pool of pathetic, life-sucking leeches. Whether you are looking for beauty advice, recipes, video games or Dungeon and Dragons loser-y-ness (and ladies, Nerds are ridiculously sexy) you should be treated with semi-respect.

Some people go as far as to verbally attack another, solely based on the fact that she kindly suggested advice or asked a question that was "public knowledge." I was skimming through a popular message board today and there was a stupid, menial issue and 10+ women ganged up on her, calling her a bitch and whatnot. She didn't embrace the "B" word, like I have, and was truly upset. I, the lurker, found it increasingly difficult to gather the information that I was seeking. The offended woman, rightfully so, posted a lengthy rebuttal and genuinely stated that her day was ruined. I felt sadness for this woman, because she let some cliquish, A-holes, upset her. Some other girls attempted to stick up for her, but it became a "don't sit with the loser kid at lunch, because you then become a loser, yourself syndrome." All in all, if you're going to be a twat, don't hide behind a screen name and invite your nasty friends to join the bitch-fest.