Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ipsy: August 2013 Reivew

Sweet Photo skills of Jzim

Welcome to Glamour Academy...Ipsy's August Theme.
For each product you will see my own opinion and underneath that you will see "Reasons to Bitch." Reasons to Bitch is all inspired and generated from what others are bitching about on message boards
Per the usual, I'm pretty thrilled with this bag. For 10.00...who can complain? Oh, wait...everybody can complain, about ANYTHING, and they DO. Well, I want to be apart of the party...so here goes.
Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick: Anarchy- This is by far, the BEST lipstick that I have ever used. In general, I am a huge UD fan, but who isn't? This is a highly-pigmented lipstick that last for hours. HOURS! I mean you can do almost anything with your mouth and your lipstick won't budge. I know that I can appreciate that. Plus, this lipstick makes me feel sexy...I can't wait to collect them all.
Reasons to Bitch:
  • "I didn't get the color that I wanted!"
  • "I was actually one of the people that wanted the chap stick." (Which smells great, btw.)
  • "I'm not too smart and actually expected the full-sized lipstick!
  • "It's too bold and I am a professional woman!"
  • "I didn't get it." (And this really does suck...something as "prized" as this, really should have been included into everyone's bag.)

Pixie Beauty Lash Booster Mascara: Blackest Black- I feel like Pixie Beauty is finally busting out on the beauty scene with an epic vengeance! I love Pixie...the products are so well made and they flatter everybody. This mini-mascara is the perfect size to stick in your clutch for when you go out dancing with the girls.
Reasons to Bitch:
  • "I don't use mascara!"
  • "I wanted a different color..."
  • "I only wear waterproof, because I cry a lot."

Mica Beauty Eye shadow: Bronze- I received this shadow in the Earth color in a previous bag. Normally, I don't like loose shadows, but I have used my Earth color almost everyday. I have never heard of Mica, prior to Ipsy sending out the black Gel Liner...but now, well...I couldn't imagine a life without it.
Reasons to Bitch:
  • "I don't know how to apply loose shadow."
  • "Bronze! This is only currently on trend...but I still don't like it!"
  • "It's too messy and I don't clean...ever..."

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub- Ipsy sent out such a generous size of this product! I have yet to try it, because I'm still using up all my other scrubs. I have a real problem with multiple open containers of similar products. So far, I like the packaging.
Reasons to Bitch:
  • "My skin is just too sensitive!"
  • "I don't know how to pronounce, "Jojoba," and that angers me.
  • "I REALLY wanted the pumpkin mask!" (Idea! Buy it?)

Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil- Eyebrow pencils aren't something I normally play with. Brow Gel, that's my thing...but pencils, well not just yet. I'll probably mess around with this, but my brows are so thin and refuse to grow to my hearts desire...maybe it's a sign. I'll draw those bitches on.
Reasons to Bitch:
  • "I don't know how to use this." (Me, neither.)
  • "I have caveman eyebrows already!"
  • "I received a color opposite of my brows." (Use it for an eyeliner)
In conclusion: Glamour Academy was a HUGE success for me. Update your style quiz every month...and hopefully you will fall in love with your bag like I did. In addition to the incredible products I received, I must say that the makeup bag was adorable and well crafted.
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