Monday, August 5, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have August 2013

NY Daily Times

  1. Stackable Bento Lunch Box
  2. Lulah Body Wash
  3. Weekly Planner
  4. Gorjana and Griffin Necklace
  5. Lunares Apple-Shaped Snack Bowl
  6. Sample-size Dermalogica face cleanser
  7. Dried Granny Smith Apples
According to the online world of preemptive bitching, most ladies are psyched about the Bento Lunch Box and Weekly Planner. I am most excited about that little apple dish from Lunares. It will look gorgeous in my beauty room. Are any of these things "Must Haves?" Not for me...but I do think it's fun and that is what keeps me going. As for the Bento Lunch least I'll look classy, until people see that there is just a PB&J in there. Lulah Body Wash will be fine as long as I don't get any Vanilla scent. It's just a preference thing, but Vanilla scents make want to cry. In fact, I did cry after receiving a vanilla lotion before. This hasn't happened since. Worst 22nd birthday. All in all, this box is what I expected. Silly, random things that I don't need, but want.