Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birchbox: September 2013 Review

Sweet photo-skills of Jzim

September's theme is Heritage, all about where they came from and how they got to be there. ie: Started from the bottom, now I'm here...according the Drake

A good bit of the caterwauling on Birchbox's Facebook page has been positive for this month. Sure there still are your negative nancy's, but where else can we find such trivial ridiculousness other than on the inter-web?

My box of preciousness includes:

Amika: Blow Up Spray- Such a great scent...It makes me feel like I just went to a salon and that I could actually have money, like be a wealthy kind of girl. It has that kind of affect on me. A product that protects your hair AND gives you a false sense of financial security, A+

Caudalie: Cleaning Water: How pretentious, "Cleansing Water," It's so stuck-up and I love that. It easily removes make-up and doesn't leave a greasy after feel. Nothing is worse than using a makeup remover and then having to wash your face because of the oils. The packing is also well done. It's like they are telling us that they are better than us, but they still want to be our friend.

Coastal Scents: Moroccan Sunset- Highly pigmented and overall I'm impressed. This quad is super cute and will be perfect for a mini-zpalette to stick in your car for whenever you need to go to Target, because Wal-Mart didn't have what you needed.

Ruffian: Hedge Fund- Hallelujah, I got the green color. It's such a glamorous fall lacquer and the application was of high quality. The packaging was also adorable. A win on all fronts.

Egyptian Magic: All- Purpose Skin Cream (Beauty Extra) Before your panties get stuck up your annoying ass, calm down and realize that this "foil packet," is indeed, a "Beauty extra." Ok, you're welcome...you were not aware of this, but now you are. What is exciting about this product is that it helps with moisturizing, wrinkles BRUISES & BURNS. I mean that's cool. I can't wait to get burned now, maybe even kicked and bruised.

Overall, I loved this month. Sadly, BB forgot to send me my "Golden Ticket of 1,000 BB points." I'll keep checking my account for these points for their massive mishap. Geez.

Everyday there is incessant bitching and unnecessary comparison of Ipsy vs. Birchbox, which doesn't even make sense. If you take my box alone, subtract the Egyptian Magic, the box itself and add an Ipsy bag, you have almost an exact month sample of what Ipsy would send. Ipsy sends coastal scents all the time. So why is everyone bashing Birch box and comparing them to Ipsy, well short answer...people are stupid.

Sign-up for Birchy-box: I want a Birchbox, too!