BBB: Tried and True

Dear BBB,

What products do you currently use to stay so glamorous and on-trend?

With Love,
The World.

1. Bonne-Bell Chap stick: This is number 1, by no accident, my friend. Since the tender years of childhood, where I had bangs, braces AND glasses (The trifecta of hotness) Bonne-Bell Chap stick was there for me. I'm now 27 and I flip shit if I accidently soak my Dr. Pepper lip balm in the wash or leave it melt in the car.

2. TIGI-Catwalk-Straight-Collection-Sleek-Mystique Hair Spray: The scent of this miracle hairspray is pretty great. With this spray you get a great hold without all the stickiness. It would seem to the untrained eye, that yes, your hair naturally that awesome.

3. OPI Nail Polish- is unbeatable. When it comes to texture, application, chipping and staying-power...OPI is "wear" it's at. Julep, is a worthy contender and their packaging is much classier...but, OPI still takes the lead.

4. Biore Black Head Strips: If you have never tried this product, you must stop everything you’re doing and go get them. There is such an over-whelming satisfaction when you peel off the blackhead strip from your nose. Never in your life did you realize that you were that disgusting. I have been unable to find a better product than this.

5. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray: Ah yes! Setting Spray is a brilliant product, especially the Urban Decay line. This spray keeps your work of art in place for hours. You can even cry about how you don't have a boyfriend AND your makeup will stay put. Genius. The finish is flawless, non-sticky and all around perfect.

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Pencil
7. Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick

More to come...