Saturday, April 4, 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara


Influenster sent me this product completely free to test and hopefully fall madly in love with to boost sales. It's a struggle to find an accurate review when a product is given for free. How many reviews can be taken seriously, when people are just raving about a product in hopes to get more offers. Luckily, you have me.

YSL. I stalked my mailman for you. I relentlessly searched the internet for details and photos of you. I read reviews and looked at before and after photos, waiting for your arrival. I was one of the lucky ones receiving you. The tears and complaints of those not lucky enough to receive you, filled my heart with joy! Excitement! And came.

Packaged in a golden tube, like the outdated over-priced make-up items, easily located in the department stores was others supposed "holy-grail." The mascara was florally scented which caused my delicate eyes to water immediately. The over-sized, bushy brush was a challenge to work with, with my less than doll-like eyes. Several coats later, and no overwhelmingly look of satisfaction, I went to work. 8 hours in a fast-paced retail environment, I had to endure several touch-ups and increasingly dark raccoon-eyes. To look and me and think of me as anything more than an amateur make-up enthusiast would have been a compliment. I tried this mascara for 2 weeks, and the results were always the same.

With a $32.00 price-tag, I was horrified. I wanted to love this, but I couldn't.

I appreciate the offer to try this product, but I won't be welcoming it into my beauty routine any time soon.

Final Grade: C- 

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes"