Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ipsy: January 2014

Sweet Photo Skills of Jzim
January seems to be a challenge for subscription boxes and well, onto the review:

"Reasons to Bitch" is all inspired by what others are bitching about on message boards. Thanks for bitching, bitches.

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow: Pearl- Shimmery shadow that easily blends is a welcomed addition to any makeup collection. The Pearl color can be used as a highlighter or for a quick-fix to wake up tired eyes.

Reasons to Bitch
  • "How in the world do I sharpen this plastic pencil? This is simply beyond me."
    • (A really sharp sharper, is what you need.")
  • "I don't like the color I received and will never even consider experimenting with this."
Épicé Purifying Exfoliant- Facial exfoliants are never exciting to me, but seemingly Épicé has a good one. I don't think at anytime, I'll be switching up my routine,  but this will make a good scrub for the gym bag...whenever I go back to the gym. 

Reasons to Bitch
  • "Épicé isn't all that well known and I already have a top-rated skin care regimen."
  • "I was over zealous while scrubbing my face and now I'm in pain."
MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm: Natural- This is the absolute driest lip 'balm' in the world and that breaks my heart. The color is a darker nude and it doesn't really match my skin tone. Paired with a deep, smoky eye this product just may work.

Reasons to Bitch
  • "This balm soaked up all the moisture that I had in my lips, leaving me all chapped...and sad."
  • "Balms that do not include a brush are breeding pools for bacteria and diseases."
Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads- Proactive+ is a well-trusted brand and one that has changed my life. I will forever use their products. Luckily, I don't have a need for the mark fading pads, but with 4 pads included in my bag, it's not like I'll even know if they work.

[Edit 2/20/2014] These mark fading pads smell like onions and alcohol, plus they burn. This is simply an awful product. Proactiv+ why? Why!

Reasons to Bitch
  • "Proactiv+ is just too harsh for my little skin."
  • "I can't afford the Proactiv+ system and don't realize that Wal-Mart makes almost the exact same formula as Proactiv+ itself.
Sexy Hair: Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner- Sexy Hair is a brand I believe in. Their products are always on the cutting edge of hair styling and they really do live up to their name. This product can be used for all four seasons and improve overall hair-health.

Reasons to Bitch
  • "All I ever get is 'Sexy Hair' products and I'm drowning in them."
  • "I enjoy my coarse pubic like hair and don't see how a leave-in conditioner will help."
Overall, this bag seemed a little misguided, but it wasn't without a valiant attempt.

January 2014 Bag Edition -I was the least excited to get this bag, because just looked so damn awful, but it's absolutely my favorite bag to date. The contrasting blues, simple design and over-sized pouch is perfect.

Reasons to Bitch
  • "This bag smells like a chemical explosion and I absolutely had to throw it away."
  • "Considering this bag looks like it was made out of a pool lining, I'd be more comfortable receiving it in the summer months.

Grade: B- (literally an 80.25%)